And for my first trick…

Engaging with Mummy Blogger (part 1)

Now, there is a lot of chat on the old t’interweb about blogger communications, and how important they are. So, let’s stop this talk, and just come to terms with it – bloggers are as powerful (if not more) than the media in terms of mass audience.

The most apparent sign of this are mummy bloggers. In this community, the review of a mummy blogger is trusted and dependable, making them a must for any *relevant* campaign.

From experience, they are a lovely community, who are more than willing to listen as long as you follow the golden rule – get to know them before you make contact. Though, as we know, this is not the only rule that you need to know. And that is where the lovely Aaron (me) comes in. Take a look below and find out my top tips for entering the mummy blogger world:

1)      Become a stalker

Any good blogger relationship should begin with some serious research, and this is never truer than with mummy bloggers. Read their posts, understand their likes and dislikes, their tone, what they discuss, and more importantly, get to know them as an individual and their family. When you feel that you are bordering on becoming a stalker, you have just about done enough research.

2)      Realise they are *mothers*

The great thing about mummy bloggers is simple, they are mums, and we all know at least one mum. Many PRs forget this when they try and pitch in totally irrelevant products to them. Make sure that you have a reason for offering them information, samples and products. How will it help them? How will it benefit their children and family? You may have to come to terms with the fact that this isn’t the right target for you.

3)      They are also real people

Simply put – they do not have to do anything just because you want them too. Simple.

4)      Be polite, be open, and be personable

The worst thing you can do is insult a mummy blogger by sending a generic email that shows that you haven’t taken the time to get to know them. Make every email to all mummy bloggers individual, unique, and knowledgeable. Your first email is the most important – you have to show that you know them, they know why you are contacting them and that you both know that she doesn’t have to do anything.

5)      Check PR policies

Since PR’s cottoned on to the fact that bloggers are important, most bloggers now get 101 emails a day from PRs. With this in mind, a number of bloggers now have a PR policy, so make sure you check this before you do anything else. They may not want to hear from you, or may only want to hear specific things.

6)      Praise

If a mummy blogger has taken the time out to review your product or discuss your story, then be courteous and take the time to thank them, either by commenting on the post, or dropping them an email. Even better, maintain the relationship, and keep them posted on any relevant news.

7)      Enjoy it!

Mummy bloggers are really sweet and caring – they are mum’s! – so just have fun with it, and try not to take things too seriously!

Now, there is so much more wisdom that I could impart, but I am going to shut up now. Feel free to comment!


~ by aaronhuckett on August 23, 2010.

11 Responses to “And for my first trick…”

  1. Amazing insight Aaron! You’ve got us sussed. Now the secret’s out. Would love to work more with a PR who actually has learned how to be effective. Feel free to get in touch!


  2. Nice work Aaron. And don’t forget the other really important thing about mums. We’re also women who still very much care about how we look, dress and smell so don’t just send in the baby stuff. It’s nice, but it probably won’t get us as excited a test-drive in an Audi 🙂

  3. Hurrah! A real person who realises we are real! And I would echo Gigi’s comment…we are not JUST Mums!

  4. You’re right, that first email is the one that counts! Mind you, I’ve dealt with several PR bods who have been great first time round but then after that just add me to their mailing list. I’m not a journalist, I have no idea what the expectations are of me from PRs so things need to be made really clear, especially at the beginning. Aaron, everything you’ve contacted me about has been relevant and clear. Thanks

    • Thanks for that Emma – you are all giving me great food for thought for my follow up blog. Keeping that communication open is definitely vital, but as you say, keeping it personal, and not just emailing *everything* over is also important. Not sure why more PRs don’t get it?!

  5. Aaron, you have hit the nail on the head there – I especially like point 4, it’s quite unusual to receive PR emails where the person has taken the time to read my blog and relate the product to me. All excellent advice.

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