Beauty is in the eye…

Engaging with beauty bloggers (part one)

Following on from the success of my last post, I thought I would share my expertise on another very prevalent area of blogging – beauty. To date I have built up great contacts in the beauty blogging world, and have met some great people along the way.

So, on top of all the usual blogging rules, what is the specific advice I can give to you about the beauty blogging world I hear you cry:

1)      They know their stuff

One of the best things about the beauty blogging industry, is they know *everything* there is to know about beauty products. From specific formulas to the best shades. It is actually quite scary. So, you need to be prepared to talk ‘beauty science’, and know the ingredients in your product.

2)      Trust your product

Beauty bloggers are not out to get you, but if they use your product and it doesn’t live up to expectations, they have the right (and duty) to say so. Before you get involved in this type of communication, make sure you are 100% behind the product you are endorsing, to the extent where you would or are using it yourself.

3)      They are all different

Understand that all beauty bloggers are different. Your product may not work on one person, but it may on another. Be prepared to have the negative and the positive, and accept that you cannot control it.

4)      V-loggers

This is a up and coming trend, so check these guys out!

There is a lot more, but going to split this into two post, otherwise I will lose your concentration – so keep an eye out for post number two!


~ by aaronhuckett on August 30, 2010.

5 Responses to “Beauty is in the eye…”

  1. A great post and one thats well worth bloggers reading and the professionals. Often when I come to do something for a new PR contact and I don’t love the product, I have the fear of submitting my review in case I’m not used again. And indeed this has been the case!

    I will always be honest regardless of the outcome. And yes we do know our stuff, some are absolute experts!

  2. I think point 3 is a really important one to understand with beauty bloggers. Beauty product prefeences are a very personal thing and everybody’s skin/hair/nails and expectations are different so you can’t always expect a good review from a beauty blogger. Saying that though, it is unusual to hate a beauty product, you’re more likely to be un-wowwed by it.

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