Choices, Choices, Choices…

Work has been crazy busy, so I haven’t had a chance to blog, but wanted to give you all a taste of the kid of problems I have…. which coat?!

My favourite is this lovely number from the ol’ favourite H&M – a classic:

But this was met with criticism by Estelle, who much preferred one that we saw together from the slightly controversial River Island:

There is practically no difference in price, but they are very different. What is a boy to do? Which one do you think is best?

If I had my way, I would go for my favourite coat of the moment, Barbour, but with birthdays, Christmas and Paris creeping up on me, this is a no, no. But it is pretty:


~ by aaronhuckett on September 30, 2010.

One Response to “Choices, Choices, Choices…”

  1. The first one by far! Don’t like the second, I’m afraid.
    I’ve gone a bit weird seeing that first coat, it’s a bit hot.

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