Top Five Artists…

With the start of a New Year, and a sense that this year was going to be ‘different’ or maybe even ‘my year’, I was hoping to have a nice long, wordy article about the challenges that the PR industry are going to face in 2011.

However, as today seems to have been totally written off with client work and general day to day admin, I have about 5 minutes to write a post. You may think I should have just left this until next week and focused on the important things, but I promised you all that 2011 was going to be different – so I am going to blog no matter what happens.

So here is the break down of my top five artists, inspired by a recent trip to Tate Modern.

5. Gerhard Richter

Probably best known for his abstract work, and his minimalist pieces, I absolutely love his use of photography, and how it makes movement an art.

4. Jackson Pollock

Dripping paint over a canvass and making you feel that much emotion from random splatters – this guy definitely has to be up there!

3. Gustav Klimt

Possibly the most ‘classic’ of my fav’s – he makes the top five as I was mesmerized by his painting Kiss when flicking through my very first art book when I was a little-un!

2. Mark Rothko

My most recent purchase (obviously not an original) from the local art shop (to me Tate Modern is local) and I adore his pieces – this will be the first thing that adorns the walls of my home when I eventually enter the mortgage game.

1.  Roy Lichtenstein

Was a close call between Roy and Mark, but Pop Art is always going to be one of my absolute favourite styles of art, so I had to go with Roy. And as you may be able to see, this picture is used in the design of my blog!


~ by aaronhuckett on January 7, 2011.

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