Guest Blog: John Edden

Everybody is talking about it and in the last week I have read far too many blog posts from ‘experts’ stating why new question and answer social media site Quora is the next big thing. The site allows you to post a question that its community answers, akin to the old fashioned Yahoo Answers. Apparently though, Quora is far more superior than Yahoo Answers, far more useful and is set to become bigger than…dare I say it….Twitter!

I’m not convinced….I wouldn’t be. I’m a miserable journalist – the kind of person who is never happy until something unconnected to them, fails. What you don’t know is that Quora has already failed….twice! Interested? Allow me to continue…..

A simple task for many – I simply wanted to remove a ‘share button’ on my blog, using (you know that irritating, share via social media tag), for instead I wished to use my own custom-made option. With no idea how to do it, I posted the question on Quora and waited for an answer. I continued to wait. Then I waited some more. After that, I was still waiting. Forty-eight hours later and guess what? I’m still waiting.

At the same time I posted the question on a blogging forum. I received an accurate reply within one hour of posting. Quora claims to have around 500,000 users ( yet not one of them knew the answer to, or even cared about my question. The forum I used had little over 150 users, rendering Quora not only obsolete but completely and utterly useless!

That’s only the second time I have used Quora. The very first time I used it, was to ask whether or not it is effective to place your freelance brand on Twitter and if anyone had ever seen the benefits of this. I received one reply: “Dude, that’s two questions not one.” Wow – that is really, really helpful(!) I had no idea there were unwritten rules for using Quora – perhaps it would have been easier to separate two extremely similar questions into two different questions and receive twice the amount of emails when I received a reply – which in this case, would have been a mammoth two!

In fact, while I am at it – I don’t have the time for email after email arriving in my inbox to tell me someone else I don’t know is following me on Quora. Why are you following me? I cheated – I asked two questions in one – surely that makes me disqualified(!)

Still not convinced? Then, search Quora for ‘Is it morally wrong to pee in the sink?’ Its there. I rest my case!

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~ by aaronhuckett on January 24, 2011.

One Response to “Guest Blog: John Edden”

  1. On the first couple of days after I found out about I was all ‘wow, this is really interesting and there are some really useful discussions here.’ I found myself joining in and enjoying being thanked for answers.

    Then I started logging on after I’d begun following more people and subjects and found it to be complete nonsense. Lots of the people who signed up around the same time as me had gotten over the initial excitement and all of a sudden finding interesting discussions was needle in a haystack fare.

    Then I forgot all about it. Until I just saw this tweet and decided to go and have a look. I had three notifications, two about discussions I no longer cared about and one friend thingy from somebody I don’t know. A quick scan of my feed shows pretty much the exact same conversations as the last time I was on there.

    I wonder how long it will be before I check it again.

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